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Discover the advantages of Vodafone yu fiber optics

Having an Internet connection at home has gone from being a whim to almost a necessity. Whether to study, to work or simply to entertain ourselves or communicate with our friends and family, the Internet has become something necessary.

When contracting an Internet rate for your home or for your mobile, the most normal thing is to want to have as many gigabytes as possible, which is why we always look for the convergent rates that include the most gigabytes, either for browsing at home or outside of it.

However, not everyone can afford one of these rates and they need to hire cheap fiber optics , which can often be a problem. In this case, a few years ago, finding an inexpensive Internet connection line with enough speed to work, study or play video games online was almost impossible.

Most of the cheap rates only included ADSL and tended to have a speed below 100 Mb, which made it very difficult to use the connection with more than one device at the same time.

Luckily, this has been changing and now there are some rates like Vodafone yu that allow you to have the best services, with high-speed 4G data and unlimited calls, or a 600 Mb symmetrical fiber optic line, at an affordable price.

yuser fiber

Vodafone yuser fiber is one of the cheapest on the market. With this rate you will enjoy 600 MB of symmetric fiber, with which you will have plenty to be able to play Fornite, watch movies on services such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, listen to your favorite songs on Spotify, as well as work or study with complete peace of mind from your house.

With the Vodafone Yuser fiber you can connect up to 15 devices at the same time without losing browsing speed, even if you have connected the game console, the whole family’s mobiles and also their computers.

By contracting the 600 MB fiber you will also have a fixed telephone line with unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles, in case you do not want to use your telephone to call your loved ones.

Also, if you need to add a mobile line, you can do it for only 13 euros more each month.

With this rate you will not have a commitment to stay, so you can unsubscribe whenever you want, without having to pay anything. This is possible because Vodafone yu charges you a small installation fee, although if you have already been a Vodafone customer and do not need installation, you will receive the router totally free at home, without shipping costs. If you need installation, it will cost €70, which will be charged to you on the first invoice.

In case you don’t know if you need installation or not, don’t worry, during the coverage consultation, which you will do when contracting the rate, you will know if they send you the router or if you need installation. If you need it, a technician will contact you to close the installation date.

Vodafone yu social rate

Nowadays, it is necessary to have a data rate to be able to use many of the functionalities of smartphones, it is also necessary to have an Internet connection to talk with our family and friends through messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp .

With the arrival of 5G connectivity, finding a line that offers calls and data at a good price is increasingly difficult. In this sense, the simplest thing is to opt for a rate that limits data to 4G, since it will have a more affordable price. In addition, to enjoy 5G navigation it is necessary to have a compatible terminal, which is also much more expensive than 4G smartphones.

Vodafone yu has two social tariffs, for users who want to pay less, but do not want to give up any service. These social tariffs are designed for users under 30 years of age, who are unemployed and who are actively seeking employment.

One of them, the Heavy yuser Fifty-Fifty offers 30 GB of cumulative and unlimited data for social networks and messaging applications, this rate is complemented by unlimited calls and has no permanence. The price of this rate is 10 euros per month.

The other Vodafon yu social rate, the Heavy yuser + Internet, offers the same services as the other rate, to which a self-installable 4G router is added, so you can enjoy the best connection at home, too, for 25 euros a month.

Both rates are very affordable and more than meet the needs of any user, since with 30 GB you will be able to browse at full speed, you will even be able to watch Netflix, when you are away from home without going offline, since while you use social networks or are chatting with your loved ones on Messenger or WhatsApp you will not be consuming your data. In addition, as the data that you do not use accumulates, the months that you consume less, the more data you will have for the following one.

How to contract the Vodafone Yu fiber?

Hiring Vodafone yu fiber is very simple, since you can do everything from the Vodafone yu website. You can do it comfortably from the sofa at home, at any time of the day.

First of all, you will have to access the official Vodafone yu website and click on the “check coverage” button, which appears below the rates and check the coverage of the operator in your area. In this sense, you should not have many problems, since Vodafone reaches 99% of households in Spain.

Then, if you need installation, a technician from the company will contact you to choose a day that suits you. If you have already had a Vodafone service installed in your home, it will not be necessary for a technician to come to your home, instead, you will receive the self-installable router at home.

And that’s it, it’s that easy to hire Vodafone yu. You have more information in this article .

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