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The mobile phones that emit the most radiation

Although in the vast majority of cases it is not worrying, all mobile phones emit small radiations that allow them to be connected to telephone antennas and thus provide the service to users who want to make phone calls or surf the Internet, update their networks social or send text messages via SMS .

That is the reality: all mobile phones emit, even low, radiation. What also happens is that not all devices emit them in the same amount and there are some that emit more than others.

Although they are not excessively worrying, there are many users who are concerned that these emissions could have some kind of negative consequence for their health. That is why the German Office for Radiation Protection has produced a report that establishes a ranking of the mobile phones tha emit the most radiation among those currently on the market.

According to the data of this organization, the mobile phone that currently registers a higher SAR value (specific absorption rate) is the Motorola Edge. This would be the mobile phone that currently emits a higher level of radiation when used and held close to the ear. Radiation from the Motorola Edge has an intensity of 1.79 watts per kilogram.

The ZTE Axon 11 5G would be the second phone on the list, with a radiation of 1.59 W/kg, ahead of the OnePlus 6T, with 1.55 W/kg. It would be followed by the Sony Xperia A2 Plus (1.41 W/kg), Google’s Pixel 3A XL (1.39 W/kg) and the Pixel 4A from the same manufacturer (1.37 W/kg).

It should be noted that the limit recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for mobile devices is 2 watts per kilogram, which is still higher than the values ​​of devices with higher radiation levels according to the report of the German Office for Radiation Protection, so, in principle, you should not worry too much even if you have one of these devices.

According to the German agency, a mobile phone with a SAR of 0.6 watts per kilogram would be considered low radiation, something that more than 51% of all smartphones available in the world today can boast of. These would be the mobile phones that emit less radiation .

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